Isolation screens for landfills from the company GEODOR

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Isolation screens for landfills from the company GEODOR

Special requirements for the construction of landfills impose on the waterproofing layer, governed by guests and norms. But the success of a project often collapses about the human factor.

Invisible damage to the geomembrane are scuffs that appeared during transportation or installation. Visually, the canvas is solid, but thin; in the future, a breakthrough and leakage will form under this load. After all, the thickness of the membrane is considered design institutes with the expectation of load.

How to determine the thickness of the geomembrane in the rubbed place, from the wheel of the equipment or tool, or is it already laid when transporting the code? PSK Geodor company offers a solution - a three-layer geomembrane with a signal layer.

The geomembrane has a central layer painted with bright pigment - violation of the integrity of the black outer layer, exposes the bright color of the signal layer and will quickly detect the defect. This property allows you to facilitate visual control of the integrity of the waterproofing screen and to carry out high-quality acceptance of the waterproofing layer when completing work at the facility.


You can learn more about geomaterials for landfills from the Geodor company at the exhibition Wasma Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, EC Korme.

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